Englplakat-englisch2016SILENT ESCAPE



Ray, the deaf man, is excited about his long-awaited new apartment. His friends arrive to help him with the move. While packing the furniture, he discovers a dusty book given to him by a friend for his birthday ten years ago. Captivated, he reads the book, absentmindedly leaves the apartment, and is struck by a passing car, losing consciousness. Ray wakes up in a hospital, receiving an unexpected visit from Massimo, the pigeon hunter, and the empire boss, Dr. Miller. Ray attempts to escape but finds himself captured by the empire and tethered to a hospital bed. One day, he wakes up unshackled, with an envelope of money on the nightstand, its origin unknown. After a successful escape, he searches for answers, only to find his friends and house mysteriously gone. More perplexing, he discovers he’s the only deaf person remaining, and pigeons are forbidden from using sign language. In a café, he meets the attractive Chiara, whose deaf parents tragically died. Together, Ray and Chiara search for answers, unaware that the ruthless Massimo from the empire and an unknown figure in black have been tracking them the entire time!


  • Titel: LAUTLOSE FLUCHT – The Last Deaf
  • das war der erste Breitwandfilm-Kinolook
  • Genre: Action/Drama
  • Produktionsjahr: 2010-2013
  • Produktionsland: Deutschland
  • Laufzeit: 130 Min.
  • Bildformat: Widescreen 


  • Sprache: Deutsch,
  • Deutsche Gebärdensprache,mit Tonfassung und Musik
  • Tonformat: